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Nigel Bavidge discusses the beginning of Rainbows GB (WRITING IN 1997)

  In memory of Nigel Bavidge who was fundamental in the development of Rainbows in the UK.   Nigel Bavidge (1944- 2010)   Published Hurt that has to be heard in the Times Educational Supplement Editorial, where he discusses the beginnings of Rainbows GB   I read with interest "A death in the family" (TES, September 19) and the letters from Murray White and the Rev Sue Macbeth (TES, October 13, 27). It is now a fact of life that in every classroom there are children going through a grieving process following the break-up of the family unit. Some children are grieving the loss of a parent through death, while many more are experiencing re-adjustment because a parent has left the family home. While the two experiences are different, the processes through which the children must go are very similar. Grief is a natural response following any significant loss - its resolution can take a long

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